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Achieving or maintaining a healthy weight shouldn't rely on a diet. This is about changing your lifestyle so it becomes second nature. And that takes time. But it can be done.

Little changes can have big results
No matter what you read or see on the TV, there is no such thing as a quick fix. You cannot eat everything in sight and just take a pill to make you healthy.
People who go on a diet to lose weight generally put it back on as soon they go back to eating what they did before, and often put on more weight than they lost. That’s why you can’t see these changes as a diet. It’s about making changes to your lifestyle that stick. Make small changes, one at a time, so you get used to them. Even little changes like giving up soft drink, if you consume it daily, will bring benefits in how you look and feel quite quickly.

Choose low fat alternatives
Choose low fat versions of your favourite foods, like cheese and milk. Vitasoy Light, Vitasoy High-Fibre, Soy Milky Lite, Soy Milky Chocolate and Soy Milky Vanilla are 98.5% fat free.

Drink water
Water is so much better for you than calorie-laden soft drinks and has zero calories.
If you’re a soft drink lover and struggling to give it up, alternate soft drink and water each time you drink. As you get used to less soft drink you can increase your water intake.

Start walking
It’s so easy to start. Just find ways to do a little walking each day. Don’t look for the nearest car park, for instance. Park when you see a space and walk the rest of the way. Don’t chat with a friend over coffee, go walking and chatting instead. Take the stairs instead of a lift.

Watch your portion sizes
Look up what a healthy portion size really is for the meal you’re about to eat. Commercial portions can often be larger than what you should be eating. Use smaller dinner plates at home and fill half with vegetables, and a quarter each with protein, like chicken, fish or tofu, and carbs, like sweet potato or brown rice. And skip seconds! Instead finish your meal with a piece of fruit.

Give in occasionally
It’s unrealistic not to eat the indulgent things you love. Just don’t eat what you love every day. Keep desserts for special occasions. Allow yourself a chocolate bar or other treat occasionally, just don’t make it a jumbo size one. And make sure you have lots of healthy snacks handy for when you get hungry.

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