This is why our glass is always full

At Vitasoy, we believe that milk should be made with real ingredients and full of goodness, using a process that’s as simple and natural as possible.

Grown by
Aussie Farmers

All of our milks are grown straight from the ground, so naturally, they’re brimming with the good stuff.

Every whole soybean, almond, rice granule and oat kernel that gets squeezed into your milk was planted and picked at just the right moment, beneath the watchful eyes of Aussie farmers.

On a farm not too far from here...

Selected for quality

Every drop has been harvested at peak ripeness in a field out there, to end up
with us here at our Wodonga factory.

Our whole soybeans and almonds are picked in early autumn; our oats and rice in late spring; and our coconut cream is sourced throughout the year from the tastiest coconuts we can find.

Only the best ingredients make the grade...

Blended by us

We dehull, soak and grind our milk with minimal intervention and age-old precision – as we have done for 75 years.

Once we’ve strained and smoothed our nutritious base, we blend the good bits with filtered water and other ingredients, including vitamins and minerals like calcium.

Perfected and packed for your pantry...

Packed with goodness

You mightn’t have thought much about where your milk comes from, and that’s okay. Because for us, it’s a daily obsession.

It’s why all of our milks are GM-free and full to the brim with the good stuff. It’s also the reason you won’t find any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added in any of them.

Brimming with natural goodness...

Enjoyed by you

Your Vitasoy is ready to be soaked up and savoured with all your favourites.

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