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In the quest for happier and healthier families and lifestyles, being on the lookout for ways to bring healthier choices back into the home is essential.

Getting your daily 5 in terms of fruits and vegetables is one thing, but knowing where it all comes from and if these are indeed quality products is a fast-growing concern.

Retailers are doing their bit to stock locally grown products (and products with lower carbon footprints), but is there really anything we can do to ensure that what we buy and choose to consume is full of the natural goodness it was intended to serve? We are all familiar with the need to be conscious of what we are buying, but who really takes the time to investigate every product in depth…?

“At Vitasoy, we believe that soy milk should be made with the best ingredients, using a process that is as simple and natural as possible. To start, all we do is de-hull and split the beans, then grind and cook them. We then add other ingredients containing essential nutrients to partner with your healthy lifestyle.”

We are proud to confirm then that the Vitasoy range is made from soy beans that are grown within Australia by a group of hand-picked farmers who prefer to keep their farms simple and pure. This means that Vitasoy soy milks are all locally grown and produced.

From the complete range of Vitasoy soy milks, there is a milk option for everyone in the family! Packed with benefits such as a naturally good source of protein and fibre, and enriched with calcium and vitamins required to sustain an energetic and healthy lifestyle.

Vitasoy Calci-Plus is perfect for growing teens, delivering half of the required daily intake of calcium and vitamin D in just one glass that can be easily be enjoyed over cereal. This milk option is a great addition to the kids’ diet and as a Mum you’ll know that they are getting the nutrients that they need without being exposed to unhealthy hidden ingredients.

For family members hesitant to try soymilk, giving Vitasoy Soy Milky Lite a test-run can make the world of difference. Enjoying this creamy milk with a morning cuppa can be surprising as it still delivers a great milky taste.

Available at most supermarkets in both Fresh cartons or UHT packaged*, the Vitasoy range is an exciting addition to a healthy family lifestyle and can be enjoyed by the glass, over cereals, in smoothies or with coffee; or even in family-old recipes. As a Mum your job may never be completely done, but by opting for a locally-grown, nutritious milk you can slowly bring the healthy back into your homes, with lots of added benefits!

* Ultra-High Temperature treatment is when the soy milk is exposed to extreme heat for a few seconds to kill and remove any spores that may cause the milk to go off, resulting in a longer lasting, fresh-tasting milk. and makes it last that little bit longer.

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