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The Benefits of Soy Milk

In the quest for happier and healthier families and lifestyles, being on the lookout for ways to bring healthier choices back into the home is essential.

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Getting your daily ‘5’ in terms of fruits and vegetables is one thing, but knowing where it all comes from and if these are indeed quality products is a fast-growing concern.

Retailers are doing their bit to stock locally grown products (and products with lower carbon footprints), but is there really anything we can do to ensure that what we buy and choose to consume is full of the natural goodness it was intended to serve? We are all familiar with the need to be conscious of what we are buying, but who really takes the time to investigate every product in depth…?

“At Vitasoy, we believe that soymilk should be made with the best ingredients, using a process that is as simple and natural as possible. To start, all we do is de-hull and split the beans, then grind and cook them. We then add other ingredients containing essential nutrients to partner with your healthy lifestyle.”

We are proud to confirm then that the Vitasoy range is made from beans that are grown within Australia by a group of hand-picked farmers who prefer to keep their farms simple and pure. This means that Vitasoy soymilks are all locally grown and produced and the below video shows the soy process from bean, to nutritious household drink.

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