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Get the spring back in your step!

Winter seems to be the season we take as a bit of a health lapse. There’s no harm in rugging up and staying indoors, but we often replace those healthy outdoor activities with a more sedentary lifestyle.

Take the beginning of spring as the cue you need to get out and about!

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Do some vigorous spring-cleaning – not because you’re doing it for your partner, family, or the visitors on the weekend – but to get your energy levels up indoors.
  • Get your breakfast routine sorted with whatever light meal suits your ‘nearly summer’ spirit. Include some tropical fruits to get you in the mood!
  • Get the family or a friend to go on some regular walks at a time of day when the sky is at its most magnificent. Appreciating the outdoors again is a good way to start.
  • In a similar strand of thought – try the pool! Getting yourself, or the kids to the pool is a great way to get some fitness back in a nicely climate controlled setting. Or, dare we say it – you could even try the ocean! Any of these options will get you back into the mentality to brave those first mild days post-winter.
  • If you’re feeling sluggish and unlikely to embrace your inner spring-goddess, how about booking in a day of pampering? You’re more likely to commit yourself to adopting some positive habits if you’re looking at your body like the fabulous temple it is.

So whatever pre-spring steps you take, take them now! You can thank yourself later for the positive things you’ve changed today.

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