Why Plant Milk?

Looking for a great way to add a flavour twist to your breakfast?

Vitasoy Coconut Milk uses real coconuts to make its coconut cream and is great on cereal, muesli, in smoothies or on its own.  Vitasoy Coconut Milk contains the goodness of calcium and is naturally lactose and dairy free. It also contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Vitasoy Coconut Milk is really versatile and can be used for all types of occasions, from cooking and baking to making a cheeky cocktail. It provides an authentic coconut taste and the Original variant has a third less calories than lite dairy milk*

We also have an Unsweetened variant which contains no added sugar. The Unsweetened variant has 95% less sugars  and ½ the calories of lite dairy milk* with only 55 calories per serve**.

*Based on dairy milk with 1% fat containing 51 Calories and 6.1g total sugars per 100ml (NUTTAB 2010).

**Based on 250ml serve.