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What to do when there’s nothing to do

It’s a funny truth that every now and then in our unbelievably busy lives we get to a point where the house is clean, the grass is mown, the laundry is freshly put away and we find ourselves at a loose end. Finally some spare time, but what to do? This is the perfect moment to take advantage of this precious downtime and do something that you want to do… just for the sake of it!

Turn your memories into something more

Throughout the years we collect an enormous array of photos that capture those magic moments that we know we will cherish for life. Often there are more photos than the mantelpiece can handle and they live the remainder of their existence dusty and hidden away in a box.

Pull them out, get your hands on a photo album and get creative! For the technophiles, why not try creating a personal photobook online? Download an app or program such as Albumworks, Momento or Big W Photo Books where you can collate those images that bring on a smile, choose your preferred layout and have the finished book delivered to your door!

Try something new

At some point in time, most of us have looked back and wished we had done something and never gotten around to it. Well, there is no better time than the present! Not only will you feel energised and immensely proud of yourself by trying something new, you will meet new people and maybe even surprise yourself!

You could:

  • Join a new gym class
  • Try a dance class
  • Get crafty by finally making something from your Pinterest board
  • Learn an instrument or take singing lessons
  • Find local meetup events at to befriend other likeminded people

What have you always wanted to try?

Pick a room and give it a face-lift

Redecorating a room often seems low on the priority list of life. It’s one of those things that we would all love to do but hold back, knowing there are more important things to spend our valuable time and hard earned money on. But not today! Every now and then, we need to reward ourselves for our hard work.

Whether you want to keep it simple by popping some new cushions on the couch or going all out and with brand-new furniture, refreshing the look of the rooms in your house will, without doubt, leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and pride.
If you are lacking in ideas and need a creative push, flip through some interior design magazines, check out inspiring websites such as Home-Design or zip to home-furniture stores like Ikea or Freedom Furniture and take note of their colour schemes, furniture layout and styles!

What is that one thing that you have always planned to do but never found the time or inspiration to do?

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