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Vegetarian Meal Planning

Whether it be a phase or a trend, or perhaps even your current way of life, eating vegetarian certainly packs a few benefits. Where we shudder though, is when thinking about what to make for dinner. The average meal plan centres around the meat. But without meat, what do we do?

Well… Try these tasty meal plans for a start. They are vegetarian-friendly AND delicious! Whip up one of these great dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert and then do some MasterChef-ing by putting your own twists on these great dishes!

Vegetarian Meal Plans & Recipes

Plan 1:

Start the day off with a bang with these Banana Bran Muffins that are great for those of us always on the go. Serve them with fresh home made preserve or a sliced fruit platter.
For lunch we suggest one of our favourites; Lentil and White Bean Patties with avocado and cherry tomato salsa served with your favourite breadrolls, fresh sliced tomato, cucumber and iceburg lettuce.
It’s dinnertime and everyone’s hungry! Whip up some Creamy Mushroom Pasta for a deliciously satisfying meal and if you crave something sweet, the Date and Butterscotch Self-Saucing Pudding will be sure to hit the spot.


Plan 2:

Ready in the blink of an eye, a Breakfast Shake is a great way to treat yourself to a boost that will give you the perfect start to your day.
For a lunch that is quick and super healthy, toss together a Roast Vegetable and Cous Cous Salad.
A long day often requires a good afternoon snack. These Apple Pikelets served with a dollop of homemade ice cream should do the trick!
Planning on treating the family to a hearty home-cooked meal? This Baked Pumpkin Cannelloni looks great, tastes even better and will be enjoyed by everyone. Serve up some Soy Crème Caramels to top the night off.


Plan 3:

Nothing could satisfy the hungries more than a steaming hot breakfast. With minimal yet nutritious ingredients, Creamy Mushrooms on Rye Bread will keep you feeling full for longer.
For a light and refreshing bite for lunch, pre-make some Tofu Summer Rolls which are delicious with a little Peanut Dipping Sauce.
Then for dinner, get mouths watering with a Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup followed by a slice of some good old-fashioned Zucchini Pie. To have everyone leaving totally satisfied, cook a batch of Chocolate Pancakes with Berries.
These recipes are all part of the Vitasoy Recipe Collection available online. Browse the collection for more inspiring recipe ideas to tantalise your vegetarian taste buds.

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