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Time to unwind and spoil yourself

It starts from within – what we think, believe and do on a daily basis will bring us to that destination. So, if we think negative thoughts we then will act out our negativity, which may bring us to a negative future! But of course, the opposite is also true.

Working on the inside is the journey of life. If we stop wanting to learn, wanting to love, help or adapt to change – we stop growing.

Internal growth may not reflect its light right away, but our external persona can. Why not start right now? For me, Spring is a season that reflects physical change almost immediately.


A new haircut equals a new me! Recently, I had my long hair cut off to the nape of my neck. I had been growing it for a long time (eight years) and decided it was time for a change. Not only do I look different, but I also fee like a ‘new person’. I also took advantage of a heat treatment on my hair as the winter’s elements had dried my hair out. What about you? A new colour, cut or even a subtle change can lift one’s spirits.

Skin: Face

As the former Spa Director of BodyTech Spa, I came to appreciate the importance of looking after one’s skin. At the start of each season we need to make changes to our skincare program. During the winter months our skin is exposed to extreme temperatures, from the coolness of outdoors to central heating inside, which dehydrates your skin over winter. To combat this dryness, I use a heavier moisturiser over winter. As Spring comes knocking so too does the need to update your moisturiser. Seek the advice of a skincare professional to find out what product(s) best suit you.

Skin: Body

Don’t forget about the body! We’ve covered our bodies over winter, so spring is the time to buff away those dead skin cells by using a body scrub or buffing cloth. One of my all time treats is a ‘body scrub’. Book yourself into a Day Spa like Auckland’s EastDay Spa or Gwinganna in Queensland, to have an Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow – this is the ultimate exfoliation ritual for smooth, glowing skin from top to toe. Lime peel cleanses the skin, while sea salt exfoliates, helping the skin to regain its health and softness.

Remember, the most important gifts to give your skin are water and sunscreen! Water helps hydrate your skin and body, and we all know that sunscreen blocks out harmful UVA / UVB rays.

Other great Spring treats to help you unwind and indulge are a reflexology massage (or any massage!), manicure and pedicure to name but a few.

Author: Monique Rana – Vitasoy Ambassador & Co-Owner of BodyTech Gym NZ.

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