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These are a few of my favourite things

I love the energy I get from the wind.

The wind makes me feel so alive. So whenever it’s windy out, you’ll find me on the beach jogging my dog, or in the bush walking some tracks or just simply outdoors enjoying the wind!
Summer is a great time to mix exercise with fun.

I mean isn’t this WHY we exercise…to enjoy the outdoors? So instead of just going for a jog, how about taking your family, friends or even going it alone on a nature walk. You’ll get to enjoy the scenery, the fresh air and may even find a few waterfalls along the way.

Another favourite that my dog also enjoys is going to a dog park. We jog the trails first, and then she gets to do the obstacle course while hanging with some of her other canine friends.
One of my husband’s favourites is encouraging our daughters to do the ‘Lifeguard’ workout.

Basically it’s a set of drills:

  • Run 100 meters x 4, then do as many sit-ups in 15 seconds
  • Run back, do as many star jumps in 15 seconds
  • Run another 100 meters, do as many pushups in 15 seconds
  • Finish off with a dip in the ocean!

You can make up any exercise for yourself or the kids. Remember, if you make it fun, you may even have a little triathlete or life guard in the making!

Whenever we are at our beach house, we use the bikes just about everywhere we go. A great way to burn calories but a great family activity to do together.
Don’t tell anyone, but if no one is home, I like to turn the music up LOUD and dance to it. I love to dance, it’s so freeing and satisfying to know that music can speak to your soul , while your body gets a good workout as well.

Author: Monique Rana – Vitasoy Ambassador & Co-Owner of BodyTech Gym NZ.

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