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Love today, for today

The days of leaving for tomorrow what you can’t fit into today are over. Join us as we explore five helpful tips that will get you organising your day around your priorities.


1. Just get it done.

No matter how much we think we don’t need to do something right away, there is a subconscious niggling that carries on even when you think you’re not thinking about it. It eats away at us and grinds down our happiness turning what often is an irrelevant but not unnecessary task in our day, into an anxiety-driven chore that hangs over us like a black cloud. Take a step back and put the task into perspective. Identify a deadline and work towards achieving that. The relief that comes with a) achieving your goal on time and b) shortening your to-do list will contribute immensely toward turning that frown into a smile.
2. Prioritise your tasks – including your ‘ME’ time. And be strict with your schedule. Be sure your colleagues, family, the kids and your partner understand when it’s time out for you. This balance reminds you that having an organised schedule leads to an organised life – free of unnecessary stress. It also reminds you that part of being proactive means that you can factor more time in for the important things – like baby’s first step! The ‘ME’ time is also an important reward to you, from you – something no one should go without.


3. Why worry – it truly gets you nowhere.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of quotes and sayings about the absurdity of worry. Just as you prioritise your tasks, put your concerns into an order of significance and then write them down. This simple act of thinking and writing starts putting life into motion and helps you mentally prepare for the challenge (which often appears insurmountable). If you can organise it in your head and write it down, you’ll in no time be turning these thoughts into high-speed action, soon ticking off tasks left right and centre as you get on with your day.


4. Don’t be afraid to delegate.

Contrary to popular belief we are not Super Heroes and neither do we need to be. Being a Mum, a Dad, a colleague, a friend, a brother or a daughter – all of these roles important are far more important than having to pay the bills. But regardless of importance, the bills do still need to be paid – on time too! So why not ask for a helping hand? Find out who is available to maybe look after the kids one afternoon while you run errands. Or perhaps get a friend to run an errand on your behalf. Similarly offer to your friends that you could help them and so let one hand proverbially wash the other. As the saying goes, ‘many hands make for lighter work’.


5. It’s all about time.

That’s it – we only have 24 hours in a day, eight of those hours at least should be spent on peaceful sleep. That leaves 19 hours for the housework, cooking and eating, family time, children time, work and rest. Be wise with your time and spend it carefully. Be thoughtful over what you spend your time on and if you are a good organiser and thinker – you’ll soon be finding ways of multitasking life so that you can get the most out of it. And 90% of the peace of mind you will get when you lay your head down at night, is from thinking ahead – being proactive and being kind to yourself, your process and the people around you.

In summary we recall a great quote that reminds us that the past is behind us and the future is not ours to know or control – but now and here is what we do have and it’s called the present – an incredible gift from life, so we best make the most of it and live today, for today.

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