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Sue Shepherd

About me

Hi, I’m Dr Sue Shepherd. I’m an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Advanced Accredited Nutritionist. I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Promotion and post graduate Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics, then went on to complete my PhD in 2008. I specialise in the treatment of dietary intolerances and have coeliac disease myself.

I have been recognised internationally as a leading expert dietitian in the area of coeliac disease and irritable bowel syndrome. I’m a Senior Lecturer for La Trobe University Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition and have worked as a clinical investigator in numerous research studies.

But my passion for promoting good nutrition extends beyond the research field – I have also written thirteen cookbooks! Fuelled by my absolute belief that a dietary condition is an invitation rather than an obstacle to good eating, my collection of recipes proves that having a dietary condition, such as gluten, FODMAP or lactose intolerance, coeliac disease or irritable bowel syndrome does not mean having to miss out on the delights and adventures of a good food life.

I am pleased to be a Vitasoy ambassador as the entire Vitasoy soymilk range is made from whole soybeans. I’m sure you will enjoy the superior quality and taste of Vitasoy. In particular, I love the gluten free Soy Milky range – I use it as my everyday milk at home and especially love it in a cup of tea!

My favourite recipes

Buckwheat Pancakes with Grilled Vegetables and Feta

Thai Chicken Pie with Rice Crust

Vanilla and Orange Brulee

Connect with me

You can connect with me via my websites or Facebook page:

Shepherd Works Website:  You can find details about Shepherd Works dietetic consulting practice, Australia’s largest gastrointestinal nutrition dietitian practice. Read about the services offered and you can make a request for an appointment. On this website you’ll also find details about my cookbooks.

FODMAP Website:  You’ll find out about the brands using the FODMAP Friendly certification logo that is appearing on the front of food packages. When you see the logo, you can eat with confidence in knowing that the food/drink has been laboratory tested to be low in FODMAPs per serve of the food/drink.

Facebook:  On this info-packed Facebook page, you’ll be able to find out more on the latest and greatest FODMAP Friendly news. Read recipes, articles of interest, find out more about the logo, research, upcoming food shows and more!

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