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8 tips to keep your fitness on track

Large Water Bottle

More than half of the human body is made up of water, and most people do not drink enough. Half the time we mistake our thirst with hunger, therefore eating instead of hydrating with water first. To help you improve your intake and stay hydrated, get a large, sturdy water bottle that you can take with you on your workouts and during your daily activities like work or running errands. Keeping water with you at all times will remind – and encourage! – Personally I keep a bottle in my car, another at my computer and lastly one that commutes with me wherever I go. “I feel naked with out my water bottle.”
Invest in a good pair of sneakers for your activity
For example, don’t plan to jog in shoes that were designed for indoor racquet sports. Some shoe stores like Shoe Science or Sterling Sports will even evaluate your gait and recommend shoes that are best suited for you. Replace your shoes every 300 miles or 6 months.

Non-Stretch Measuring Tape

Your weight is not the only way to measure progress. As you eat right and exercise, you will regain lost muscle tissue and burn fat, thereby reshaping your body. Muscle is heavier and more compact than fat, so as you remodel your body, there will be times when the scale may not change much, but your clothes will fit differently. Before you start your health plan, measure various areas of your body – arms, calves, thighs, waist, hips, chest, etc and write down the numbers. Check and compare your measurements every 30 days after that.

Exercise Equipment

Even if you plan to walk or jog regularly, you should have convenient back-up exercise equipment in your home. If something prevents you from doing your usual activity like cold weather or rain, use an exercise DVD, jump rope, or resistance band instead. Even a set of small hand weights will do the trick.


Have someone take a photo of yourself in a plain bikini or togs before you start your fat loss program. Use the same location and stand the same distance from the camera each week to get an accurate shot. Not only will this keep you motivated to sticking to your exercise and eating plan, but you’ll have your progress in pictures.

Food Diary

Research shows that people who record what they eat will lose twice as much as people who do not. There are various ways to track what you eat – you can write down everything, make a spreadsheet with formulas, or create your own easy-to-use list of servings per day that you can cross off.

Smart phones and computers have some amazing apps that can also assist

Indoor Grill

Indoor grills like the George Foreman offer easy and fast ways to cook lean meats healthfully and with minimal clean up.


A blender is another great tool to help you eat easily and healthfully. Blenders have an advantage over juicers since they don’t remove the healthy fiber. Use your blender to chop, blend, or puree vegetables for soups, sauces, or dips. Or use it to make fruit and/or vegetable smoothies to increase your daily intake.

Author: Monique Rana – Vitasoy Ambassador & Co-Owner of BodyTech Gym NZ.

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