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Food labels are there to help guide consumers with their food and beverage choices, sharing what’s in a product and how best to safely enjoy it.

The mandatory information required on a food label is regulated by Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ). Most packaged foods and drinks are required to carry a label.

All Vitasoy products carry a nutrition information panel (NIP), which offers an easy way to understand the nutrition content in a product and compare between similar products.

Vitasoy is proud to be adopting the Health Star Rating (HSR) system across our portfolio, along with additional information on energy, over the next four years. This will be supported by education information to help consumers make better and more informed product choices.

The new food labelling system, developed collaboratively by industry, government and health organisations, is similar to energy ratings used on white goods and aims to give consumers ‘at-a-glance’ nutritional information by indicating the overall healthiness of a product.

Based on our consumer research, and as part of our commitment to providing consumers with simple, clear and transparent product information, we will adopt the Health Star Rating icon and energy icons.

We believe this retains and builds on the cut-through achieved by the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s Daily Intake Guide over the past several years, as well as delivering more at-a-glance information for interested consumers. Within two years we will have the HSR system on a significant proportion of our portfolio, with 100% adoption by 2018.

We hope this move will help encourage more Australians to enjoy the goodness of plant milk as part of a balanced diet, and increase their nutritional literacy and ability to make healthier choices.

Learn more about the health star rating here.

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