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Where we come from

It’s not surprising that the humble soy bean, that staple of Asian cuisine for over 3,000 years, is at the heart of the Vitasoy story, which began over 65 years ago. Sometimes called, ‘the cow of China’, it’s the star ingredient in the nutritious, high protein and vitamin-rich drink Dr K.S. Lo began making in Hong Kong under the Vitasoy name in the 1940s.

With our first soymilk production plant, opened in March 1940, Vitasoy was the first to bring nutritious soymilk to the mass market by selling door to door, and through shops

Then in 1953, we began heat-treating our soymilk so refrigeration was no longer necessary, allowing even greater freedom of distribution and popularity. Since that time, Vitasoy has become a household name and the leading supplier of soymilk in Hong Kong.

With the introduction of Tetra-Brik packaging Vitasoy experienced another boom. Together with the long life (Ultra Heat Treatment) processing, it allowed our products to be kept for months, without losing any of their delicious flavour and nutritional quality. The obvious next step was to begin exporting and from the late 70s to early 80s, Vitasoy soymilk found a foothold in over 30 markets.

In Australia, our first state of the art production facility was built in Wodonga, Victoria, in 2001 for Vitasoy Australia Products Pty Ltd (VAP) – a joint venture between Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd and National Foods Ltd, two of the largest non-carbonated beverage companies in Hong Kong and Australia.

Today, Vitasoy International Holdings has production facilities in Hong Kong, mainland China, Australia and the U.S.A., and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Our mantra is to constantly challenge the status quo to create innovative and dynamic improvements in our products and range.

To visit the Vitasoy International Holdings website, please go to www.vitasoy.com

What we stand for

Mission Statement
To deliver our customers the world’s highest quality and best tasting healthy soy-based food and beverage products.

To be Australasia’s leading brand manufacturer and distributor of healthy soy-based food and beverage products, delivering profitable, sustainable growth to our shareholders.

Values that cross cultures
While we may be a local company, we draw on the best from both cultures.

Respect for one’s self and all others.

Health and Safety
We have a personal and collective responsibility and commitment to ensuring that we work in a safe and harmonious environment, free of injury.

Every one of us takes ownership for the outcomes of our designated tasks and responsibility for our role in the team to achieve our common goals, celebrating our successes together.

Our expectation is that together we will strive to achieve all of our individual and collective objectives.

Never resting on our laurels

We encourage and reward individual initiative that drives continual improvement.

Customer focus
It’s you, our customers, who gives us the opportunity to grow and prosper. Your expectation of product consistency, food safety and quality is our number one focus.